Rush Kennels Sheila Rush - Sheila Rush Kennels is a back yard breeder!!!

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She sold me a pup and say a chip will be in the dog! Took it to the vet and there was no chip to be found. The vet said that she was a back yard breeder... No papers yet for my dog she said she would mail them to me and here it has been two months and still no papers. She want answer my calls or anything. I want my money back.


Sheila Rush is a back yard breeder dont buy pups from her...She said my pup would be puppy trained she lied about that too. Among many things

Review about: Dog Breeder.



Totally agree!!!My weim pup that came from Rush Kennels is now 11 and had mites when we got her.

She now has arthritis and degenerative myelopathy (genetic). My 14 year old weim that came from somewhere else is in much better health. Sheila was very uncooperative and insensitive. She is a thief and fraud.

I hope she is out of business now.

And lucky for the dog that came from her that we are loving her and taking the best care of her.So sad for all the dogs that came from that place!


Please take the time out to rate your breeder at It's a website dedicated to people who are victims of bad breeding.

Help our cause to expose all bad breeders!

Thank you so much for your help!


Its nut cases like some of these post that made bogus complaints about Rush Kennels that caused them to be investigated. The truth will come out,perhaps these people need to read their contract, when you deal with the public this is what you deal with. Some people God cant even please.

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Obviously, you were one of the lucky ones.Believe me, if you had had the experience I had with Sheila Rush, you wouldn't be calling other people who have dealt with her "nut cases." She is a consummate liar.

She advertised in the paper, "Registered, full blooded female Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy, 9 weeks old." I bought the puppy from the original owner, 1 week after she obtained it under false pretenses from Rush Kennels. Turned out the puppy was 4 weeks old, full of worms and a mix between a Corgi and an Italian Greyhound. The only truth to Sheila's story was that she was a female. I dealt with her for weeks trying to get the truth and the "papers" that had been promised.

I even conferred with an attorney about the fraud, but alas, we turned out to be just another notch on Sheila's gun loaded with lies and deceit.

Hope she rots!



Our family had gotten three Italian Greyhounds from Rush Kennels and they are perfect...We came from Michigan to get them...two are litter vet was so impressed he wants to go get one. Everyone I have ever spoken to on the phone and in person has been wonderful and helpful.


Sheila Rush Savage, owner of Rush Kennels & Robert Landreth...Has Been BUSTED!


Sheila Marie Savage

Sheila Rush Savage

Sheila Rush

Rush Kennel

The Sheriff in this Case May Want To Hear From You... selling sick dogs is FRAUD!


this is a very evil operation. You must warn all of your friends and colleagues. Any human who treat animals this way should be strung up.


Rush Kennels has been shut down by the guilford county sheriffs department for aminal abuse. Call them and check it out for yourself. I know that I won't be getting my papers for my dog.


We bought a weimaraner puppy in November 2009 and we have NOT recieved our papers yet. I was told he would have papers, If I was told he didn't have papers, I have done some research with the AKC and the CKC and what I found out was not good. I you want check out for yourself put I figured I will never see my papers I was rip off!!!!!


I purchased a Weimaraner puppy last summer from Rush Kennels, I recieved my registration papers the staff was very friendly, my calls and e-mails were always answered.My puppy did not have a micro chip, I e mailed the kennel, the secretary informed me that in order for a puppy to be micro chipped, the customer must request a chip at time of purchase.

Makes sense to me, some customers may not want their puppy micro chipped. After looking at their website home page it clearly states micro chipped by request. I made an appointment they micro chipped him free of charge.

They could not have been any nicer, back yard breeder they are NOT.I found the kennel to be a top notch facilty.


Sheila Rush and Rush Kennels is a HUGE Rip off!!!I have called at least 7 times and what do I get...

NOTHING!!! I have spoken to the Kennel "Manager" and she was alot of help. We picked our puppy up on Oct. 3...

the weekend manager comes out and basically hands us our puppy. After a few weeks we noticed that the puppy wasn't gaining weight or eating well. So... we took her to the vet again all to find out that she had a bacterial infection in her colon known as Giardia.

After almost $200 later puppy is fine. The vet recommended that we contact the kennels to let them know that obviously it came from there. We didn't care... we were just being nice to let them know.

However, all I received was this "manager" telling me that she assured me the puppy did not have this when she left. So... When do you think this puppy got this??? Then...

we were supposed to receive her registration papers... have we received anything to date??? NO! Last she was supposed to be micro chipped.

Vet scanned her.... NO MICRO CHIP!!! How does this kennel continue to get away with this???

We love our puppy and would not change her for the world...however wrong is wrong!!!


I doubt you will recieve papers from a back-yard breeder.They obvously are not AKC certified breeders.

The papers are not important unless you plan to breed your puppy.

I don't see why you are upset that the pup was not potty-trained...That is your responsibility as the owner!It took me months to perfectly train my puppy...

The only thing you could get from them is to have them cover the cost for the microchipping.

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